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If we are going to talk about self-care & wellness, we must first understand the components of it.

I love serving other people. I love caring for other people.

However, a crucial component of serving others is self-care.

To serve others effectively, you must first serve yourself so you are in the correct, be in physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, state to serve others.

But what exactly is self-care?

I’ve shared on self-care for years now. My first book “By The End of Your Teens” at the core of it is about self-care, but I haven’t before now put it in context of the different versions there are to caring for oneself.

In this series, we will be breaking down self-care into 4 component:

Body | Physical

Physical care is the category that most people think of first. Perhaps you think of self-care as a lush spa day or a manicure and pedicure.

These activities certainly fall under self-care. Sellf-care can also more basic: nourishing yourself with healthy food, staying hydrated, exercising, and other activities that allow you to maintain peak physical health.

Mind | Mental

Mental self-care involves clearing your mind.

When I allow myself the time to do some writing and journaling, I process my thoughts and ideas and clear space to receive information from the people I’m serving. I can come to each conversation more open and present.

Heart | Emotional

Emotional self-care involves letting go of the guilt or anxiety around making time for self-care.

Let’s say you create space for your self-care. If you show up to serve feeling guilty about making time for yourself, or anxious about being late, you’ve negated all the benefits of your self-care time.

You’ll show up frazzled and ungrounded — the exact opposite of what you need to serve effectively.

An important piece of self-care is to trust that you will be where you need to be when you need to be there and to let go of the guilt that often comes with taking time for yourself.

Soul | Spiritual

Spiritual self care is about connecting with your purpose and your mission. Before you show up to serve, whether it’s a coaching call with a client, facilitating a workshop, or volunteering at an event, it’s crucial to connect with your intentions and purpose. Why you are choosing to serve others?

Bonus | Energetic

For most of us, self-care includes restoring your energy.

The first four categories each address a form of energy. Beyond those four, there is a more general form of energy.

For example, after a long conversation you may need to pull energy back into yourself before you speak with the next person.

If you want to serve others at the highest level and really make an impact through your service, you must engage in self-care.

Personally –

Physically; I am well. I have not stepped in a gym in about a year, but my body is keeping me. The past 3 years’ investment is still present.

Emotionally; my heart is well-cared for. My partner is a Godsent. He’s such a great friend to my heart, always balancing me to my centre.

Mentally; I think I am okay too. Nothing that I can say is mentally draining me lately.

Spiritually; I am at peace and sound. I am at peace with my world, and it is definitely at peace with me.

So today, I’m gonna take myself to the spa for a manicure today. The little things.

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  1. Thank you for this, I needed to hear it because I keep feeling guilty when I want to do something for me and I fee) suffocated and drained.

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