Digitisation for Sustainable Development | SAIntS 2024 Graduation Keynote

Nthanda was invited by the Saint Andrews Internation Highschool as the Guest of Honour at their 2024 Graduation. For her opening address, she narrates her journey from a privileged upbringing and academic success to a career focused on sustainable development. She highlights the importance of addressing inequalities and promoting digital literacy to foster sustainable growth. She emphasizes the commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and urges graduates to advocate for inclusivity and social equity.

Educate an African Fit for the 21st Century | Africa Day 2024 Keynote

Addressing distinguished guests at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco to Malawi on Africa Day 2024, Ms. Nthanda Manduwi emphasizes youth engagement and education to shape a prosperous future for Africa. She highlights the demographic advantages and challenges, advocating for digital literacy and entrepreneurial spirit. Her speech calls for a recommitment to youth empowerment and accountability to achieve the ambitious Agenda2063 and MW2063 vision for Africa and Malawi respectively.

5 Years of Ntha Foundation | WCID 2024 Keynote

On Friday, the 19th of April, Ms. Manduwi, with help from her incredible Kwathu Kollective brought together Malawi’s Diplomatic, Creative and Innovative industries, in support of the Ntha Foundation’s mission to support African creatives and innovators. We celebrated the “World Creativity and Innovation Day”. Here is the speech she delivered during the event.

Africa Climate Ambassadors Programme

Delighted to join the Africa Climate Ambassadors Programme (ACAP) 2024 cohort. The year long programme brings together 18 of Africa’s leaders to champion the climate change opportunity narrative within their spheres of influence across the continent.