This is 27!

27 was a very special age to me. When I was leaving undergrad at 21, I used to tell myself “by 27, you should have your life in order”. So here we are – 27.

Entrepreneurship vs Employment

When people hold debates on entrepreneurship vs Employment, most of the conversation centres “working on your own time / terms” and “making more money as an entrepreneur than you would as an employee”. I think there is a lot of biases from both sides of the debate – those who opt for entrepreneurship, and those who would prefer to remain employed. I have been both, and share many opinions on the matter.

Macy’s Fireworks | Manhattan

The first-ever Macy’s fireworks show lit up New York skies in 1958, but not on July Fourth. The “pyrotechnic extravaganza” took place over the Hudson River on July 1 as a celebration of the department store’s 100th anniversary. About a million people showed up to watch. Yesterday, I got to watch the showcase for the first time.

NYC 2022 Pride Parade

I attended my first Pride Parade in NYC this weekend, with my new friends Tom and his husband Tsohil. It was every bit of fun. We went to the Pride Liberation March in downtown Manhattan, and there was a huge party at the Washington Square Party.

Moving to NYC | 7 Things To Know

New Yorkers will tell you that NYC is the greatest city in the world, with better food, better entertainment, and, well, better everything than any place else on the planet. Here’s a bit you’d want to know about the city.

As you set out for Ithaka…

I have, as of today, spent a full month living away from home. I never saw myself moving away from Malawi – for long or otherwise. I found a few words which have been keep me sane and still.