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Been a bit of a while. Hope you’re doing okay. I’ve been great!

I was in a bridal party for the first time last Sunday. My best friend Nellie married her partner Irshaad, and my make up was done by Britney of Harmony’s Beauty House from Kalmte Beauty Spa.

Initially, I didn’t want to wear make-up – but this was my friend’s special day, not mine; and she was allowed to call the shots. We managed to reach a compromise where she let me use a make-up artist I trusted.

I called Kalmte Spa, who were delighted to refer me to their in-house make-up artists at Harmony’s Beauty House.

After 3 years of not wearing a full-face, I truly enjoyed this make over. I felt super comfortable, and I like the outcome in general.

I am very particular about my eyebrows. I don’t often (if ever) wear thick brows, so I was super nervous about this. I was very impressed with the result.

If you are looking for someone to glam you up for a wedding or special events; I would highly recommend them.

To make a reservation, call Britney on +265 888 91 08 35.

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Photography by Dream Pictures | +265 994 34 70 90

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