Celebrating Love | Happy New Month

Happy new month darls!

As the month of Love comes to a close, I’m celebrating Love; Love in all forms – romantic Love, family Love, friendship Love.

I’m celebrating Love given (often mistaken for Love lost), for the moments it gave us, when we gave.

I’m celebrating Love unrequited, and all the mistakes we’ve made and lessons we’ve learnt in Love.

2021 has been so rough on most of us – we’ve lost so much (in opportunities and time to) Love.

Of everything that has occurred and we have been through, I miss giving people hugs. I miss Loving people in that way.

I celebrate most to have been Loved, to be Loved now, and to be able to Love.

I am reclaiming the power of my pen, and I’m wishing you plenty Love ahead. ♥️

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