525,600 Minutes

1 year today since you transfigured.

1 year since Mangochi came to a stand-still, in awe of you. 1 year since we escorted you to rest – and oh Mangochi did come through and show up for you. 1 year since your Maker decided your journey in this realm was complete – and it was. We celebrated your life, exactly as you wished. There were almost no tears, just prayer and absolute celebration of the wonderful woman you were.

You did your absolute best with everything God gave to you, and I am ever in awe of all the wonderful ways you lived. Being your daughter – forever the greatest privilege of my life. It’s so easy to be great, when I am a daughter to the greatest woman I ever knew. My greatest fan, my worst critic. 

We miss you more than words can express. We are so grateful you are no longer in pain –  finally at rest. Life is so strange without you, my Lonnie.

You’re still here – you live forever in us: in my laughter, in Charmie’s face, in Nze’s free spirit, in Zoe’s brilliance, in dad’s heart.

You were so loved. You were always ours. You loved us so deeply – we are still held together in your love, hardly broken. We will be missing you as long as we live… till we see you again. 🤍

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