August 2023

You Give Me Permission to Be

As I was preparing for my talk with the Visible Women Agency which was held in New York on “Redefining Mentorship”, I kept asking myself what the people who often tell me that they look up to me would wish to hear from me. I kept thinking about my mother, who has been on my mind more so lately, than before.

Leading Others – Leading Yourself

Such an incredible privilege to have interacted with the Knight Hennessy Scholars team at the “Leading Yourself, Leading Others” event which was held in New York City. We got a special opportunity to hear from John Hennessy, co-founder and Shriram Family Director, and Tina Seelig, Executive Director, of Knight-Hennessy Scholars.

Redefining Mentorship | VISIBLE WOMEN

Looking forward to a conversation with the Visible Women Agency about mentorship. I will be joining Gayle Kabaker and Paola Martínez Fiterre (award winning Cuban artist) for an epic talking circle, and we will be sharing ourexperiences growing from mentors & cultivating/becoming mentors. I will be sharing on my experiences with the value of mentorship, as a creative entrepreneur, but also as a woman.

Young Entrepreneurs Making an Impact in Malawi

Delighted to have been recognised as one of 100 Young Entrepreneurs Making a Difference in Malawi – a list honoring a few inspiring men and women who have been at the heart of building the leadership and entreprenerial narrative and culture in Malawi.

525,600 Minutes

1 year since Mangochi came to a stand-still, in awe of you. 1 year since we escorted you to rest – and oh Mangochi did come through and show up for you.

This is 28

I was not sure if I would write to you about 28. 28 is new. 28 is complicated. 28 marks exactly one year without my Lonnie, and feelings are naturally allover the place.

Africa Fashion – Brooklyn Museum

When I moved to the big apple, I did not think or even anticipate that fashion and style would be at the centre of my New York experience. Relocating in a way gives you permission to start over. It is literally that – a new slate. You are in a place where nobody knows you, and you can decide for yourself who you are going to be.