Bants2Business | World Entrepreneurs’ Day 2021

World Entrepreneurs’ Day recognizes and celebrates the efforts of individuals who start a business venture.

The day is here to create awareness for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Today on World Entrepreneurs’ Day 2021, on August 21, 2021, entrepreneurs have been tasked to ponder on lessons learnt during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The once-in-a-century pandemic was a reality check, but taught us to embrace the new normal.


Today, my organisation the Ntha Foundation launched the Kwathu Innovation & Creative Centre, with the Bants2Business Networking Platform.

B2B is a platform I have desired to create for years, and I am delighted we are finally able to create such a space – a place where creatives and entrepreneurs can come to network and discuss how to create sustainable businesses.

Today, I celebrate all the entrepreneurs and daring creators who continue to inspire me.

Today we share how Covid-19 has affected our various businesses, and how we, through adversity, continue to soar.

21 of My Favorite Entrepreneurs

In no particular order, meet my 21 of my favorite creatives and entrepreneurs:

Aubrey Suffix ghambi

Mphatso Neuha

Gary Samati

Maureen Mahenge

Mwandida Pangani

Xara Chatata

Chris Msosa

Ron Cz

Calysto Kvnobi Mnyanga

Jacqueline Mtachi

Gilbert Kamaliza

Godfrey Kambewa

Don Kasawala

Raymond Amos

Arthur Muyepa

McDonald Nyoni

Joshua Mwendo

Matthew Fungai Chimwaza

William Chipula


Join us for the Bants2Business Networking session tonight, discussing the positive and negative impacts the Covid-19 pandemic has had, and how entrepreneurs can soldier on, and survive.


Nthanda L. Manduwi


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