Valentine’s Day Ideas

Hey loves,

Happy month of love!

I’m a huge fan of celebrating love, be it romantic or platonic love. I was thinking of ways to celebrate in the month of love. Personally, my ideas of fun are travelling, eating out, and taking selfcare days out; and realised I have just the perfect travel and leisure ideas for you!

1. Go to the beach

Malawi boast a lot of gorgeous beach land, and stunning properties to match – perfect destinations for the month of love. Here are a few of the ones I have reviewed:

Sunbird Waterfront
The Makokola Retreat
Pumulani Lodge
Blue Zebra Lodge
Sunbird Nkopola Lodge

Sunbird Livingstonia Beach

2. Stay in the City

It’s a work day, so I’d understand if you can’t go to the beach for Valentine’s day. The weekend prior has many events happening, so why not attend an event in the city.

There are also many city and boutique hotels where you can check in for a weekend or just day stay, if you’re about that life. Below, a few of the ones I have reviewed:

Crossroads Hotel Blantyre
Amaryllis Hotel Blantyre
Sunbird Mount Soche Hotel
Mzuzu Hotel
Sunbird Capital Hotel
Sunbird Lilongwe Hotel

3. Explore Nature

And when you’re not feeling like the beach or the city, Malawi also has beautiful national parks and game reserves – from aquatic habitats to reserves which have the big 5. Below, a few of the ones I have reviewed:

Game Havel Lodge, Thyolo
Nankoma Island, Salima
Kara’O’Mula, Mulanje
Majete Game Reserve, Chikwawa
Kuchawe, Zomba

4. Go to dinner

Eating out is one of my favorite leisure activities. I am no longer a fan of cooking (even though I am still a fan of homemade meals), and eating out, whether it is alone, with a partner or with friends to celebrate any occassion sounds like a great idea. I have a lot of favorite restaurants in Malawi, and here are just two of the ones I have reviewed:

Amaryllis Rooftop Dining

Dining out and chats with an old friend

4. Go to the Spa

Uzuri Spa at Amaryllis Hotel Blantyre

Kalmte Spa Lilongwe
Faceforward Spa Lilongwe

5. Love somebody

It’s the month of love, so don’t forget to love somebody! All celebrations are amazing, but the most important detail is that it is the month of love. Love a friend, love a partner, love somebody!

All my love,


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