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I made a commitment to myself that if I wasn’t travelling to further my studies early in the year, I would set up my personal office at Bien Corp Africa.

The office was the first attempt by the hub at interior design – from concept to execution. It was a really exciting project for me, and something I need in this phase of my career. Anybody who knows me knows that I am passionate about interior design, and that I like investing myself in creating spaces that give me joy.

In the past, I have mostly renovated home spaces, from my living rooms to my home office. This was my first office project, and I deeply enjoyed it. I am considering this as a new avenue of trade for the Kwathu Innovation & Creative Centre, and will be testing to see if it is a feasible business model.

I am less involved in the daily opersations at Ntha Foundation, which has pushed me further into focusing on Bien Corp and the innovations. With respect to that, I have an ungodly amount of meetings.

I’ve never really considered having meetings in my office, mostly because I have never had one. I am full obsessed with this office because not only did I tailormake it to my needs, it is made of elements I handchose, and I was engaged in the making. It’s a space that is convenient for my working, and also pretty enough for me to be taken seriously (as a business woman) by partners I get to interact with.

Photos by Ben Sam Photography | +265 888 66 50 00

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