Pause. It’s okay.

I spent my Sunday sitting on the grass, poolside with Ben. I was creating travel content, and Ben, as always was assisting me. We were both so exhausted. Not essentially physically, but just generally.

We talked about life and business, and just how all of it is very exhausting. Ben thinks I need a break. I think he also needs a break. I think we all need a break every once in a while.

It’s only the end of the first quarter of the year, and I am feeling fairly burnt out. I have gotten used to the cycles now, and know when to pause when I start feeling everything getting too heavy.

I’ve been in overdrive – trying to get this and that done so quickly, and lately I am adjusting, and accepting that it is okay to pause, and take things a day at a time.

I checked myself into Latitude 13 Hotel in Lilongwe, a brief city getaway, to just pause and relax.

I am going into serious self-care mode before I just back into the heavy of things, so here are a few frames of me relaxing, and some content on how I hold myself together.

Keep yourself together! See you soon!

All my love,


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