Dealing With Burnout

I have been feeling energised this week, and I think I am finally recovering from my burnout. I am blogging about my personal life, and things I am up to; so you should know that I am doing plenty better now.

2020 has been insane. It’s so easy to take things for granted – but when I look back at the year that has been; we have actually gotten so so much work done. I think I can take a moment to be proud of myself. No wonder I am burnt out!

Hey loves,

If you are new here, my name is Nthanda L. Manduwi, and I am a digital entrepreneur from Malawi, Africa. I try to find complex topics and simplify them so we can have progressive conversation around them.

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A few days ago, I posted about struggling with burnout, and I got so many messages from people saying they have been struggling with the same. I have come accross several posts online recently too, talking about how we should stop romanticizing ‘working hard’.

The idea of multiple streams of income which are not ‘passive income’ looks fancy in speech, but can be such a drain. Yaay for more money. Horrible for you, and your well-being.

I wanted to share a few things I have been doing differently since I admitted to myself that I am burnt out; which I believe may be helping.

I know I am doing better now, because I am actually able to get some work down, without feeling like I am about to passout the next moment. I have even started partnering with clients again – something I have avoided doing for the past few months.

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Here are some of the things I have done, and keep doing, to get better:

1. Slow Down

I am someone who gets a million things done in a day. I have always taken myself for some sort of super woman. That burnt me out, and I am learning that I am in no rush. I compete with no-one, and I can thus set my own goals; which don’t need me overworking and abusing myself.

2. Let Go

I struggle with the concept of letting go, especially where my work is concerned. When I know I have a lot of work to be done (which is always), I try to push to get everything done, and get everything done now! I am learning to let go when I feel tired, and start again later.

3. Get A Massage, Or A Pedicure

I don’t even know what I’d be, if I didn’t get my weekly spa treatments from Kalmte Spa. Man. I used to think spa treatments were an extravagant thing when I was younger, but I have come appreciate what a need they are, as a young woman. I commit to getting all my spa treatments, at least once a week. Soft life ministries! Within!

On the real though – check out Kalmte Spa. Hands down the best spa in Lilongwe, and worth every penny spent. Try out the hotstone massage. Relaxes me to sleep!

4. Listen To Music, Watch A Movie, Read A Book

I listen to music all the time, but I have learnt to be a bit more mindful and intentional about it. I try to listen to music that calms me, when I feel my world is going mad. I am currently listening to ‘Known‘ by Tauren Wells. What a gorgeous song!

I am also watching movies – a lot of Christmas films, and reading some books. I am usually too busy to do either, but I am intentional about making time now.

5. Meditate, And Practice Mindfulness

I have explored the Tao for the past few years. Everytime I see myself deteriorating, I look up the Tao Te Ching and start reading. That relaxes me. I am still trying to be intentional about meditating, and completely letting go. I am not there yet, but I am trying. I am counting on you to also keep trying.

Take good care of you! Your mental health matters.

All my love,


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