City Destinations for Summer | Lilongwe

I’ve spent the past 6 or so months in the city – because we were not allowed to leave the city due to Covid-19 work restrictions.

I spent most of my time exploring Lilongwe. I segment travel into 6 parts – Destinations, Hotels, Cuisine, Mixology, Excursions and Events.

My coconut oil has passed its verdict – and I can confirm that is is indeed Summer! Here are some of my favorite places and things to check out this summer in Lilongwe city:

Cuisine | Mamma Mia

In my opinion – the best restaurant in Lilongwe, for various reasons.

The ambience is meh, but the food and hospitality of the hosts are absolutely magnificent. I go here at least once a week.

Hotels | Sunbird

Hands down my favorite chain of hotel – perhaps because they are the biggest chain, and offer the widest variety? Convenient for those stuck in the city – get away without getting away.

Mixology | Afrivines

My favorite store and bar, of course.

Excursion | Lilongwe Air Tour

I truly enjoyed this tour of Lilongwe from the sky, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is stuck in the city.

Destinations | Malingunde Dam

Watch Here For The Aerial View

Events | ???

Do we even have any events pending this summer? It’s gonna be an interesting summer, this. Please stay safe, and in the ways that you can – try to have a little fun while social-distancing and washing those hands.

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