Becoming a GREAT Entrepreneur

For so many of us, becoming our own boss is the ultimate dream. We crave the creative control, flexible hours, and freedom that come with being an entrepreneur.

There’s a lot of work involved behind the scenes, and much of becoming an entrepreneur is about planning, strategy, and dedicated execution.

In this edition, I am creating this series on ‘becoming an entrepreneur’ as a jumping off point. If you’ve always wanted to get into entrepreneurship, but haven’t been sure how, this series is for you!

Entrepreneurship (Digital Media & Business Development)


An entrepreneur is a person who starts and manages a new business, taking on financial or personal risk in the process.

Entrepreneurs can be small business owners, content creators, startup founders, or anyone who has the ambition to build a business and work for themselves.

I share in this video a detailed definition of an entrepreneur, and some great qualities of great entrepreneurs.

What the full video here.

Young Founders Programme

Are you a young entrepreneur with an established business looking for an opportunity to acquire more skills in business, build a network of like-minded individuals, and/or travel to Berlin, Germany?

Applications are open for the Spring 2023 cohort – a fully funded 6-month fellowship for outstanding young entrepreneurs from 🌍/🌏/🌎 – culminating in a conference in Berlin for the top 10 founders.

Deadline: 15 Feb, 2022

Learn more about the #YFP: here.

Lifestyle (Life Currently & Community Events)

From Blog to $300,000 Business

(In case you missed it) I share on my business journey – what started out as a small lifestyle blog in 2013 eventually turned into a quarter+ million dollar business, that is growing.

Over the past few years, I have learnt SO much about the tech sector, but also the media sector. In this video, I go into detail of how I set up my blog, and how I worked with my friends and colleagues to create what is soon to be one of the most notable businesses in Malawi.

Watch the full video here.

Visit Malawi – Warm Heart of Africa

One of the areas I have worked in as a digital creator is in tourism – creating content promoting Malawi as a destination.

Here is a video concept promoting Malawian Tourism. In 2021, we were requested to pitch a concept promoting Malawian Tourism to the department of Tourism. The concept took years to create – from travelling, filming, and editing.

The video was filmed by Ben Sam, and edited by me. This concept was not adopted. Watch the full video here.

Selfcare (Personal Wellness & Human Development)

What is Selfcare & Wellness?

I still recall experiencing burnout for the first time in 2021. Building a business takes a toll on you in all aspects of your wellness – from physical to mental and even spiritual.

I found myself being endlessly tired, and it got me thinking about being more intentional re my wellness.

Watch the full video here.

Make Time For You!

When I was creating my 2023 vision board, one of my goals was to get more intentional about my selfcare. Someone commented that selfcare is selfish – and that I should focus more on pouring into other people.

But hear me out – you cannot pour from an empty cup! If you cannot take care of yourself, you cannot take care of others. As entrepreneurs, we self-neglect a lot, and I want to urge you to indulge in some selfcare.

Watch the full video here.

Look out for next week’s edition, where I will be reviewing my new media production equipment and making recommendations on what you can get, but also continue the new series on everything to do with entrepreneurship. Thank you so much for reading, and until next time, stay kind!

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