This is 27!

27 was a very special age to me.

When I was leaving undergrad at 21 to start my life as a young woman, I used to tell myself “by 27, you should have your life in order”.

Then – having my life ‘in order’ focused more on material things and comfort than it did on my wellness and enjoyment.

I wanted to own a German car. I wanted to live in a nice house. I wanted to have a good job. I wanted to build a fully autonomous life where I don’t have to rely on / report to anyone.

So here we are – 27. I bought the German car at 22. I have lived alone in about 5 nice houses over the past 7 years. I have had two great jobs, and I built two great companies.

Even when most of my social media centres my ‘fun’, anybody who really knows me knows my life has been more labor than it has been enjoyment / play.

And now that I am 27, I just want to relax and take this life in. It’s been so much fight (and I am grateful for every inch of the fight – successes and lessons) to get here.

Now that I am 27, I want to just live. I want to spend the next 27 years traveling around the world, making new friends, eating good food, living great love, dancing delicious dance, and experiencing beautiful God*.

Here’s to 27. 27 years filled with love and wonder. This is a private party. This is a celebration of a life lived, and well!

14.08.1995 – 14.08.2022 🎂🤍

All my love,


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