Riding the waves | Mind, Body, & Soul.

I am a few days away from relocating from Malawi, and I have been so deeply overwhelmed by everything – both personally and professionally.A few days ago, I travelled with my mother to Blue Zebra Island Lodge. Her birthday is coming up, and I will miss it because I will be in Berlin for a conference. On our way to Nankoma, it was quite windy, and because of the strength of the waves on the Lake Malawi, we had to ride the waves on our way to the islands. The process of riding the waves got me thinking about self-care.

More women in Tech

One of the goals of the World Bank funded Digital Malawi project is to get more women in the innovation and technology sectors. As a way to achieve this, the Digital Malawi put a requirement that 60% of all trainees must be female. This is a requirement that continues to be met by constant questioning and scrutiny, as is always the relevance of affirmative action.

What’s next for my work in Malawi?

As I pursue personal development for a while, I will be stepping away from Ntha Foundation operational and administrative roles. My team will be taking over, and I share more here how we intend to continue serving Malawi.

1 year of Digital Malawi | Highlights

For the past year, I have worked as Project Lead on the Digital Malawi – Digital Skills for All project as operationalised by the Ntha Foundation on behalf of the Malawi Government through the Public Private Partnership Commission. As I walk away, I reflect on the highlights of the journey that has been.

Changes | Career Update

After a year and two months of leading the Ntha Foundation and Bien Corporation Africa (my two companies) fulltime, I have to walk away. I walk away in quest for further personal and professional development, and I share here what is next for me, and my whys.