Macy’s Fireworks | Manhattan

The first-ever Macy’s fireworks show lit up New York skies in 1958, but not on July Fourth. The “pyrotechnic extravaganza” took place over the Hudson River on July 1 as a celebration of the department store’s 100th anniversary. About a million people showed up to watch. Yesterday, I got to watch the showcase for the first time.

Moving to NYC – 7 Things To Know

New Yorkers will tell you that NYC is the greatest city in the world, with better food, better entertainment, and, well, better everything than any place else on the planet. Here’s a bit you’d want to know about the city.

At home in “New” York

There’s a way in which New York welcomed me. I have tried to not read too much into it, but it’s hard to not feel the city is intent on ensuring I feel at home.

Wherever I go

5 years ago, in early January of 2017, I moved to Lilongwe. I had just completed my undergraduate studies, and I told my parents I was moving to a city 220kms away. I am living my last days in a city I have for half a decade loved to call home. I am sitting at one of my favorite restaurants, writing this, for mostly me, and maybe you too.

Visit Malawi | The Warm Heart of Africa

In 2021, we were requested to pitch a concept promoting Malawian Tourism to the Department of Tourism. This was the concept – a concept which took years to create – from travelling, filming, and editing. A concept I deeply hope can inspire you to visit and explore Malawi.

Pause. It’s okay.

It’s only the end of the first quarter of the year, and I am feeling fairly burnt out. I have gotten used to the cycles now, and know when to pause when I start feeling everything getting too heavy.

Valentine’s Day Ideas

I’m a huge fan of celebrating love, be it romantic or platonic love. I was thinking of ways to celebrate in the month of love. Personally, my ideas of fun are travelling, eating out, and taking selfcare days out; and realised I have just the perfect travel and leisure ideas for you!

MUST Postgrad Tour

March Vlog: I spent the past week in Blantyre at Amaryllis Hotels Blantyre, as I was having my postgrad orientation at the Malawi University of Science at Technology.