2023 Vision Board

Happy new year loves!

For 2022 I had so many plans, which did not go according to my plan. I am still very grateful for all that happened – both good and bad.

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Knowing that things will not always go according to my plans, I am choosing to be more fluid with my planning for 2023. This being my 10th year in business, I am taking it a little slower than before.

My biggest goal for 2023 is to focus on me – for the first time ever. I want to just be me, take care of me, and prioritize me.

Before we get into my plans for 2023, I reviewed my 2022 here – the plans I had, and all that actually happened for me in 2022.

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As per tradition, below are my plans for the year 2023. I will be it super easy, and will be fine with some things not working out, but as always, I’ll have to try.

For 2023, I want to try to accomplish the goals I failed to accomplish in 2022. I will be focusing (again) on visual content, and in honor of that, I have below these 7 goals I have for this year:

1. Focus on my selfcare.

2. Focus on my job.

3. Make time for family, friends, and love.

4. Travel and tour the world.

5. Graduate!

Contribute to my postgrad research on the Economics of Information Management Systems in Malawi here

6. Get more media production equipment.

7. Get more clients & partners for personal branding.

I expain all of these fully in the video on my YouTube Channel:

Watch this video for my explanation of all these goals.

Wishing you a wonderful 2023, and hope you get to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself this year! I hope this year will finally be your ‘You Season’.


Happy new year! Wishing you a 2023 that is nothing short of abundant, and I hope this year will finally be your you season. 🤍✨

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All my love,


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