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Hey darlings,

One question I get asked quite often is:

‘how did you build your business(es) from a blog to my companies?’

Read this post to get a brief idea of my 10 year journey as a digital creator.

Previously, I have shared my business story as a startup masterclass more from where my business is now, to when and where I started, but I wanted to give you the behind-the-scenes story of what it actually took to build my business.

In case you are new to my blog, let’s begin by getting to know each other. Hi, my name is Nthanda, and I am a digital media specialist and development professional. I am also a serial entrepreneur – founder of 2 companies and several businesses, and I run this blog – By Ntha.

In this video, I talk about the journey from 2013 – established the Chic Redefined brand, to later rebranding to the By Ntha brand, eventually wanting to shut down the blog and then the creation of my two companies. Watch the video for the full story.

This video will premiere on Monday – 16th of January, 2023. You may set a reminder.

In this story, you will learn about how I:

1. Created my social media / instagram brand

2. Established the Chic Redefined brand

3. Set up my blog (the website) with Wiza

4. Desired to expand operations – NMN Africa

5. Incorporated Bien Corporation Africa

6. Set up the Ntha Foundation

7. Set up the Kwathu Centre(s)

8. Learnt how to create and manage innovations – Digi Savvy Africa

9. Managed the Digital Malawi Project

10. Set up a community – Bants2Business

I hope you learnt something new about creating digital businesses, and hopefully can adapt a thing or three for your own journey.

All my love,


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Learn more about my journey in Digital Media in Malawi here.

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