Women in Music High Tea

When we launched Music4Malawi a few weeks ago, Wezi asked a very necessary question via our Twitter, which can be summarised as “Where are the women?”

We put out a call for applications, and only about 12% of them were female applicants. Of the selected for our first training – 4 were female, and 6 male.

Before the launch, as a female creative and entrepreneur, I had already asked my team to schedule a ‘high tea’ event with Malawian women in music – explore the gender dynamics in the music industry in Malawi.

We had the high tea, convening various women in the music and creatives sector.

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I specifically thoroughly enjoyed the conversation, with candid input from all, not only highlighting the problems, but also identifying possible solutions to these problems.

I fully enjoyed this day, and might just be making highteas a thing going forward.

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