Why Choose ICT / Digital Entrepreneurship

I was invited by a colleague today to deliver a lecture at Lilongwe Technical College in Lilongwe – a talk about Digital Entreprenership: my journey thus far, lessons and success; and what I think aspiring entrepreneurs hoping to get into the digital / ICT sector should know.

They asked me specifically 10 questions on my entrepreneurial journey, and I in many words tried to address them all. The questions included:

  1. Why I chose to take up a career in business
  2. What business I do
  3. What benefits i get by being in business
  4. What benefits I expected when getting into business
  5. What nature of the work / job I perform
  6. What challenges I take up
  7. What problems / issues I face
  8. What potential business opportunities I perceive
  9. Who and how I am helped
  10. Who motivated me to get into digital business

It got me reflecting on my entrepreneurial journey, from where I started 9 year ago, where I am now, and gave me some perspective on where I intend to go. I realise lately i deeply enjoy teaching, and I am making a commitment to be sharing a bit more on business and possible tips going forward. I will try to create some articles on my experiences with the questions above over the next few months. Feel free to drop me a question in the comments or via [email protected], and I will do my best to curate a topic around the questions I am moved by. Please subscribe to get all new posts directly in your mailbox.

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