2021 Vision Board

I am not such a huge fan of vision boards anymore, because I am no longer a fan of overworking, and I feel like vision boards make you want to overwork yourself to meet/beat sometimes unrealistic targets.

Hi, I’m Ntha – a workaholic who burns out often. I share in this article how I deal with it.

Hey loves,

If you are new here, my name is Nthanda L. Manduwi, and I am a digital entrepreneur from Malawi, Africa. I try to find complex topics and simplify them so we can have progressive conversation around them.

For 2020, I only had one goal – and that was to establish the Nyenyezi Fellowship Program. We did just that, in spite of Corona virus. In fact, we did way more than that. My team and I got so much work done, and I am excited for a new year ahead.

I have more goals for the year ahead – because come January, I will be a full-time entrepreneur; which means that the onus is me, to make this work. It’s literally do or die at this point.

Here are the 7 things on my vision board for 2021:

1. Produce more content for YouTube

2. Start producing shows for NMN Africa

3. Get more corporate partners and clients

4. Establish By Ntha Media as a force in Digital Media in Malawi

5. Establish Digi Savvy

6. Do the second cohort of the #NyenyeziFellowship

7. The By Ntha Talkshow

Watch The YouTube Video for more details on my plans for the new year! Premeires at 1800hrs CAT, 26/11/2020

At the moment I am writing the keynote I will be delivering tomorrow. After that, I will be going on vacation, because I want to unplug and unwind; before I spend some time with my friends and family over this festive season.

I will be sharing very soon on a few things you can do in Salima over the festive season. Till then, stay kind.

All my love,


P.s. As we commemorate 16 Days Of Activism, I am very happy to lend my voice, and join Concern Worldwide Malawi and For Equality organisation, in endorsing the ratification of the Convention 190.

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