Planning Your Outfits For The Entire Week

As a corporate person, I am simply too busy to plan my outfits every single morning, and be able to be as stylish as I would prefer to be.

I do not (yet) particularly consider myself fashionable. However, I do have an excellent eye for fashion. I am still discovering my style, and yet to define that fully, before I can tap into my creative side as, say, a fashion designer.

I consider myself stylish – or at least getting there. Despite having a good sense of style, and often knowing how to pair a few items together, I find myself repeating my favorite 4 dresses all the time.

I realised, this is a result of limited amount of time, when I get ready in the morning. Often, I am just trying to jump out of the house as quickly as I can, and a trusted dress is often a safer option because there is not much pairing involved.

I have been trying out something new – and that is pre-planning all my outfits for the week.

Sundays are my slower days. I usually have easy sundays, with enough time to plan what I would love to wear.

I have found some routines, and felt like sharing 5 tips, which are working for me.

1. Plan All Events And Meetings Prior

I plan my week ahead of time – be it booking meetings, knowing what events I will attend, and all else. I rarely do anything within the week that is impromptu.

This helps me as I plan my outfits for the week, because I am aware of which days require more serious outfits, like a suit for a meeting, a dress I can switch up with a jacket for a cocktail event in the evening, or shorter/block heels for a day I know I will be walking around a lot.

2. Get an open wardrobe

Whether it is a whole wardrobe, or a simple hanger rack, I find this efficient, particularly to plan your outfits for one week.

I find it essential to highlight the importance of using hangers.

Naturally, one would use hangers to arrange their clothes on the rack – but to avoid leaving this up to assumptions, I found it important that this be stated.

Your different outfits should be arranged in order of days, from front to back, on hangers, as full outfits on the hanger rack.

3. Centre The Bag

Funny story – prior to 2017, I was never phased much about bags. I carried around the exact same handbag every single day, and my boyfriend always teased me about it.

Years later, and as a result of all that teasing, I own plenty bags, and love switching them up.

I, however, find it so tedious to be moving my goodies from one bag to another within the week; so I find myself using the same bag for a whole week, and at times for longer periods of time.

When planning outfits, you often start with a key item – be it shoes, a skirt, a top, perhaps even a jacket.

For the sake of ease, I start with the bag, because that will likely be the most non-changing item through my week.

I then plan 5-6 outfits around that bag, and place them in my open rack.

4. Mix up With Colors

Just because you are centering a piece, does not mean your entire week must come as a monochrome. Match, contrast, and just have fun.

Color-blocking was a favorite art of mine when I was a teenager. Explore which colors and patterns can be paired together, without being unaesthetically pleasing, of course.

5. Have Fun!

Dressing up is so much fun, if you know, and love what you are doing.

Take the time to learn your body, and define your style – figuring out what works, and what does not. Wear what you love, and forget about what everyone else thinks.

Break the rules every so often, and just enjoy yourself!

* * *

These are some of my tips for planning my outfits, and remaining stylish all week long. I hope you find them helpful.


Suit: @sires_et_madames

Heels: Lost Ink

Earrings: Pierre Cardin

Briefbag: From a shop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Wishing you a stylish working woman wednesday!

Photography by Bensam Photography

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