What’s next for my work in Malawi?

As I pursue personal development for a while, I will be stepping away from Ntha Foundation and Bien Corporation Africa operational and Administrative Roles.

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Ntha Foundation

Rhoda, Victor and Prisca will be taking over all operational and administrative roles.

Rhoda will be taking over as Operations and Finance Manager, with Victor as Community Manager, and Prisca as Administrative Manager.

Ntha Foundation is a legacy of mine, and this is still just a beginning for me.

I hope the expertise and network I build within the UN and beyond will in the longrun benefit the NGO, and hopefully Malawian creatives and entrepreneurs at large. In due time, I may take an advisory role, and will assume the position of the Board Chair and volunteer my time to the organisation in my spare time.

Bien Corporation Africa

Bien Corporation Africa will also continue to operated in Malawi, with intentions to grow beyond Malawi. As a digital media and innovation company, it will continue to establish a space where digital media and innovation for Africa can thrive. Chifundo will be taking on the role of Operations Manager.

I believe that companies should be able to exist beyond the founder, and though it is early, I believe that this a good test to both companies with reference to their feasibility.

Both organisations are youth-serving and youth-led, and I have no doubt that they will continue to thrive even beyond me.

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