MUBAS 2021 Dinner Speech

Dear loves,

I was invited to speak, as the guest of honor at the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) Galanta/Finale Dinner.

Below, my speech, as delivered, but first, my outfit of the night, as designed by Maur Designs.

Maur Designs, one of my favorite Malawian Entrepreneurs

Mubas 2021 Finale /Galanta Dinner Guest Of Honor Speech

I penned this letter to the MUBAS class of 2021. Best of luck as you head into the industry!

Title: Becoming Job Creators, as opposed to Job Seekers.

The Dean of MUBAS Students, Honorable MUBAS Finales and Galantas, all protocols observed;

It is an honor to be speaking amongst you tonight. When I got the invitation to join you today, I was humbled, and delighted at the thought that the organising committee sat down, and decided on a person as young as me, to grace this event as the guest of honor.

It goes to speak for most of what I believe in – and I am happy to be in sync with you, and share this vision; that the future of Malawi is young, and that it is our generation which will bring the change this nation needs and deserves.

I left undergrad 5 years ago – what now feels like a lifetime ago. It feels like a lifetime ago, because of the life I have lived in the years I have been blessed to live. Life really does breeze by.

To this end, you have completed your undergraduate studies. It is a gruesome journey – some of you have spent 4/5 years – some even more. I have spent a huge chunk of my life in academia (learning and teaching), and I know how hard it can be, so I want you to take a brief moment and put your hands together for yourself.

Tonight, as I am aware you are heading into the industry, I want to speak on the concept of being job creators, versus being jobseekers.

Creating Solutions vs Complaining About The Current Status

We speak a lot about Malawi having a lot of problems – and my desire – in everything I do, is to change that narrative and start looking at Malawi as a land full of opportunities. Look at every problem and inconvenience you see as an opportunity. Wherever there is a problem, there in is a solution you and/or with others can offer.

My Journey As An Entrepeneur

I have been an entrepreneur since I was 17. It was while I was pursuing my bachelors degree at Chancellor College, that I had made up my mind that I would be an entrepreneur. Back then, I described being an entrepreneur as “never having to work for someone.”

After 8 years of being a business woman, having ran over 10 successful and unsuccessful businesses, and now pursuing my Master of Science in Entrepreneurship, I know that entrepreneurship is working WITH people – a lot more people than employment could possibly grant you. I refer to everyone who works in my companies as that they work WITH me not FOR me.

Billionaire By 30 Plan

At my final year Economics Symposium, we had Dr. Naomi Ngwira as our guest of honor.

Dr. Ngwira is an economist, a former deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi, and one of the few women in Malawi who have graced the “Billionaire” title. She spoke to us about how if she had known back then what she knows now, she would have been a Billionaire by 30.

It was on that day that my entire perspective regards entrepreneurship and business changed. Before, I had only thought of creating smaller businesses. At the time, I owned the campus salon at Chancellor College. I was selling nail polish, and ladies’ shoes, and making decent money from it too. I had never quite considered that being a billionaire in Malawi was achievable, or even a goal I could aspire to.

It was on that day, that I told myself I’m gonna try – to build sustainable businesses, and to be a billionaire by 30. For clarity, and in case you are curious, I am far from my goal.

Dr. Ngwira shared her tips on ‘dos’ and ‘donts’, and I fully respect her insight (couldn’t be me without it), but the reality on the ground is not as smooth.

I moved out of my parents home at 21, with nothing, not even a job prospect, but a dream. I wanted to try and live out my creative dreams – pursue a career in media (with no media academic background) and make a life for myself. It was not an easy time for me. I spent two years suffering from depression, not knowing if things were going to work out for me. There were a lot dark days, and not very clear light at the end of my tunnel. What stands out the most is that I was trying to do it all alone.

In the past five years, I have set up two limited companies – one is for profit – a business development and media production company – Bien Corporation Africa, and a non-profit – an education trust, the Ntha Foundation. I have established over 10 other businesses, which are jointly owned by these companies. I have consulted with over a hundred businesses in Malawi and beyond – the Government of Malawi being one of my favorite clients, and through it all, I know one thing, and that is that I love working with people.

I have created over 50 jobs over time, and together with my team, we create an environment to enable other young entrepreneurs thrive. As principle, I believe in collaboration and working together. As the saying goes – if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.

My team and I have spent the past 4 years developing what is now known to some of you as the Ntha Foundation. I want to share with you some thing we have created, things which I believe other young people can utilise:

Nyenyezi Fellowship

The Nyenyezi Fellowship is an annual program which gives final year university students and recent graduates an opportunity to get professional training on how to use their skills and talents to create sustainable and impactful businesses.


To assist in the creation of sustainable businesses, creating employment, and in the longrun boosting the private sector.

Specific Objectives

To train students in sets of skills they can utilise in their organisations.

To facilitate the networking of founders and investors.

To assist in the registration process of start-ups.

To provide/operationalise funding opportunities for promising SMEs.

M’mawa Management Training

The M’mawa Management Training is a full-time, voluntary training program at Ntha Foundation, , fully funded by the Bien Corporation Africa, providing in-class lessons and on-the-job trainings in administration, communication, digital, and people skills; as well as work ethics.

We understand that we cannot all be entrepreneurs/founders – that there must be some managers/administrative partners to assist start-up founders in the realisation of the development of sustainable businesses.

This program enhances the educational experience through practical training and guided hands-on exposure & involvement in Ntha Foundation’s projects as well as providing exposure and access to the Ntha Foundation’s skills training programs.


It’s going to take a lot of work to develop a private sector with a lot of Malawians of Malawian descent who know how to work together. It’s going to take all of us, to be able to collaborate and innovate together.

As Malawians, we have a generally competitive spirit – and we are not to be faulted for it. There are very few opportunities, and we often feel like we are all competing for the same 6 opportunities. But I ask to change that perspective. From experience, I know that I thrive better when everyone around me is thriving. I can host expensive parties, and know that my friends are in the space to be able to support me financially. If we are all doing better, we will be able to support each other to grow.

Learn to support the people around you. I assure you that support comes right back. It is not a competition. We are all pushing to grow, and we can all grow together. My success is not the absence of your own. If you support me, and I thrive, I will remember, and support you too, when it your time. Learn to show up for other. – give them a thumbs up, congratulations, clap hands, throw a heart on a social media post. All that support goes a long way when supporting other entrepreneurs. I hope you go out, and be one of the first generation of Malawians who are able to create things together, and support each other to grow.

A dedication To You

To the class of MUBAS 2021, I dedicate this song “Everything” by Timi Dakolo – one of my current favorite songs.

Everything you put your hand go work.

Your name go open doors.

You sef go be a boss.


Make Up

My face was brought to you by “Beauty By Yuki“. Just one of the many Malawian business women you should be supporting.

Photography & Videography

All photography (minus selfies) by Alex A. Kachepa and Don Kasawala

All my love,


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