100 Inspiring Women | Malawi

I am deeply delighted to have recognised as one of the 100 most inspiring women in Malawi. Always grateful to Wealth Malawi for their intentional efforts in documenting Malawians doing meaningful work.

Blog to $300,000+ Business

One question I get asked often is: ‘how did you build your business(es) from a blog to my companies?’

I share here in detail on how I started my journey with a small blog in 2013, which has grown to birth several businesses 10 years later.

Inspiring Young Malawians

I was delighted to have been featured in the most recent issue of the Wealth Malawi Magazine. I was recognised as one of 8 inspiring young Malawians – a list honoring a few inspiring men and women who have been at the heart of building the leadership and entreprenerial narrative and culture in Malawi.

IMS Survey

I’d like to invite you to partake in an “Information Management Systems creation and adoption in Malawi” survey, as conducted by Nthanda Manduwi.

More women in Tech

One of the goals of the World Bank funded Digital Malawi project is to get more women in the innovation and technology sectors. As a way to achieve this, the Digital Malawi put a requirement that 60% of all trainees must be female. This is a requirement that continues to be met by constant questioning and scrutiny, as is always the relevance of affirmative action.

Digital Skills for Women

In an effort to empower young women and girls gain access to digital education and upskill their careers, Digi Savvy Africa and the Fiftfh Alley collaborated to conduct trainings and workshops from the 23r of March to the 25th of March 2022, in celebration of Women’s History Month, in an effort to curb the gender digital divide in Africa.