Life Currently

Wherever I go

5 years ago, in early January of 2017, I moved to Lilongwe. I had just completed my undergraduate studies, and I told my parents I was moving to a city 220kms away. I am living my last days in a city I have for half a decade loved to call home. I am sitting at one of my favorite restaurants, writing this, for mostly me, and maybe you too.

Pause. It’s okay.

It’s only the end of the first quarter of the year, and I am feeling fairly burnt out. I have gotten used to the cycles now, and know when to pause when I start feeling everything getting too heavy.

Celebrating Love | Happy New Month

As the month of Love comes to a close, I’m celebrating Love – Love in all forms; romantic Love, family Love, friendship Love. I am reclaiming the power of my pen, and I’m wishing you plenty Love ahead.