The Young Professional

I am delighted to be joining the fabulous panel hosted by The Young Professional (UK) network, discussing alongside other trailblazers how we juggle multiple elements to our careers, the search for fulfilment, flexibility versus security, our approach to risk taking and much more.

You Give Me Permission to Be

As I was preparing for my talk with the Visible Women Agency which was held in New York on “Redefining Mentorship”, I kept asking myself what the people who often tell me that they look up to me would wish to hear from me. I kept thinking about my mother, who has been on my mind more so lately, than before.

Redefining Mentorship | VISIBLE WOMEN

Looking forward to a conversation with the Visible Women Agency about mentorship. I will be joining Gayle Kabaker and Paola Martínez Fiterre (award winning Cuban artist) for an epic talking circle, and we will be sharing ourexperiences growing from mentors & cultivating/becoming mentors. I will be sharing on my experiences with the value of mentorship, as a creative entrepreneur, but also as a woman.

FPNN Live Community Host And Anchor

What an incredible honor to have been entrusted to set the tone of the International Conference on Family Planning (#ICFP2022) Live Stage as one of the #FPNN Debut Anchors and Live Community Host.

Startup Masterclass

I was delighted to be join this conversation – talking about setting the right mindset in business. I spoke about the past 10 years of being in the digital media industry in Malawi, and my plans for the next 10!