Who are you without a man?

I turn 27 this year. I keep saying that out loud so I can actually hear it. When I was 21, I used to think 27 was old. I thought by 27, one must have their life in order.

Why Choose ICT / Digital Entrepreneurship

I was invited by a colleague today to deliver a lecture at Lilongwe Technical College in Lilongwe an inspirational talk about Digital Entreprenership: my journey thus far – lessons and success, and what I think aspiring entrepreneurs hoping to get into the digital / ICT sector should know.

Every Woman Feature

I was featured in the Every Woman section of the Nation Paper, talking about my work, entrepreneurship and job creation. Read the full article in the Nation on Sunday (27/11/2021)

Transition To Tech

9 years later, I can finally say I am a part of the Tech Industry. Still a social scientist, but now solving social problems in the digital world.

Nico General Turns 50

Nico group was established in 1971, and now has NICO group, NBS Bank and Eris Properties under it. We celebrated 50 years of Nico at Kumbali Lodge over a night of networking with some good drinks and dance.