This is 27!

27 was a very special age to me. When I was leaving undergrad at 21, I used to tell myself “by 27, you should have your life in order”. So here we are – 27.

As you set out for Ithaka…

I have, as of today, spent a full month living away from home. I never saw myself moving away from Malawi – for long or otherwise. I found a few words which have been keep me sane and still.

Kuthamanga Sikufika

I was driving to see my parents last week. I was speeding (relatively), trying to get home before the sun went down. I had a flat tyre, and ended up getting home at close to midnight. So here is a story about sports cars, speed, potholes, and flat tyres. Or is it?

Ntha Foundation | The Legacy

I think for likely the first time since its inception (those who know me might know I’ve struggled with this), I’m at peace with the Ntha Foundation being associated with my name.

My New Office

I made a commitment to myself that if I wasn’t travelling to further my studies early in the year, I would set up my personal office at Bien Corp Africa. The office was the first attempt by the hub at interior design – from concept to execution. It was a really exciting project for me, and something I need in this phase of my career.