Is an MBA for You?

I joined 38 leading Business Universities yesterday at the MBA Tour as was hosted by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) at The Westin in New York City. I learnt a lot about MBAs and the schools that offer them. I go into detail re what I learnt yesterday at the MBA Tour – why I think an MBA might not be for me, and potentially why it just might be for you!

IMS Survey

I’d like to invite you to partake in an “Information Management Systems creation and adoption in Malawi” survey, as conducted by Nthanda Manduwi.

FPNN Live Community Host And Anchor

What an incredible honor to have been entrusted to set the tone of the International Conference on Family Planning (#ICFP2022) Live Stage as one of the #FPNN Debut Anchors and Live Community Host.

Entrepreneurship vs Employment

When people hold debates on entrepreneurship vs Employment, most of the conversation centres “working on your own time / terms” and “making more money as an entrepreneur than you would as an employee”. I think there is a lot of biases from both sides of the debate – those who opt for entrepreneurship, and those who would prefer to remain employed. I have been both, and share many opinions on the matter.

What’s next for my work in Malawi?

As I pursue personal development for a while, I will be stepping away from Ntha Foundation operational and administrative roles. My team will be taking over, and I share more here how we intend to continue serving Malawi.

1 year of Digital Malawi | Highlights

For the past year, I have worked as Project Lead on the Digital Malawi – Digital Skills for All project as operationalised by the Ntha Foundation on behalf of the Malawi Government through the Public Private Partnership Commission. As I walk away, I reflect on the highlights of the journey that has been.

Changes | Career Update

After a year and two months of leading the Ntha Foundation and Bien Corporation Africa (my two companies) fulltime, I have to walk away. I walk away in quest for further personal and professional development, and I share here what is next for me, and my whys.