November 2020

2021 Vision Board

For 2020, I only had one goal – and that was to establish the Nyenyezi Fellowship Programme. For 2021, I have a few more goals on my list.

Dealing With Burnout

The idea of multiple streams of income which are not ‘passive income’ looks fancy in speech, but can be such a drain. Yaay for more money. Horrible for you, and your well-being.

New Home Tour | Moving + Renovation

You asked – so here it is. My new home (tour – moving + renovations). Also here sharing with you my 2020 gratitude list, some lifechanging decisions I have made lately, and plans for the year ahead.

2020 Gratitude And Lessons | Life Currently

The idea of tying the year 2020 to gratitude seems like such a stretch; but I also know that not everybody has had an entirely horrible year.

I’m looking back at the year that has been, and I do believe I have a lot to be grateful for – both personally and professionally.