August 2020

Touring Lilongwe | From The Sky

I went on an air-tour of Lilongwe City for my 25th birthday, and I wanted to share a few things you would want to know about touring Lilongwe city using a small aircraft – from bookings, to duration, destinations, and motion-sickness.

My Favorite Entrepreneurs

For World Entrepreneurs’ day, I wanted to celebrate a few of my favorites. You may know the brands, but you may never have seen the faces before. Being an entrepreneur is hard, and we deserve to be celebrated.

Kalmte Health & Beauty Spa

I recently announced that I am the new face of Kalmte Health and Beauty Spa.

By Ntha is partnering with Kalmte to produce a YouTube wellness series called “Spas & Psychology”.

Silver Standard | My 25th

As of 2 days ago, I have lived for 25 full years, and I wanted to share with you lessons I have learned, and what my team and I have been creating for the past year(s).

Intentional Love | My 25th Birthday

My 25th birthday got me thinking about loving people intentionally. My friends and family were so intentional in the ways they chose to celebrate my 25 years of life. I wanted to share some photos on how I spent my weekend.

Sunbird Hotels & Resorts

I have worked with Sunbird Hotels and Resorts since 2018, and I have several reasons to love the hotels. I wrote this article in 2018, at the beginning of our partnership; and I wanted to maintain the authenticity of the post; while adding my recent reviews about the hotels.

The Balm Cosmetics

I partnered with The Balm Malawi to test and review their products. The Balm is a US brand of cosmetics, known for their products being paraben free, cruelty free, and talc free.

I used their products to try and recreate a look by Harmony’s Beauty House.