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The idea of tying the year 2020 to gratitude seems like such a stretch; but I also know that not everybody has had an entirely horrible year.

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I’m looking back at the year that has been, and I do believe I have a lot to be grateful for – both personally and professionally.

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Hey loves,

If you are new here, my name is Nthanda L. Manduwi, and I am a digital entrepreneur from Malawi, Africa. I try to find complex topics and simplify them so we can have progressive conversation around them.

The year 2020 is coming to an end, and I am reflecting on the year that has been. I am sharing with you my very brief gratitude list for 2020:

1. The World Digitised!

Most digital entrepreneurs will tell you that we have had a fairly better business year than most – because the world went extremely digital.

The pandemic has been a horrible thing for the world at large – and I have experienced a terrible case of burn out, but the one good thing that has come out of it is the intense digitisation of the world, which in my personal business plans I had thought would take no less than 5 years.

On work, and my most recent experience with burnout

For that, and for my business, for all my (new and old) clients and partners, and the plans I have for the year ahead, I am extremely grateful.

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2. I am childless!

A basic thing to celebrate, but worth celebrating still in my books.

In 2018, I had plans of getting married to my best friend and possibly the only man I have truly loved, and having children together – you know following the idea of how society says life should go.

Life happened, and things did not turn in favor of my/our plans. We are still the best of friends – and have come to learn so many things about each other. I am inclined to believe they worked in favor of me, however – in the grand scheme of things, as we are both unsure we even want to have children.

I am 25, yet I still feel like quite a child myself. I am still healing so many past traumas, and I cannot assure you that I could (can) ever make a good mother. I suppose time will tell, but in this moment, I am grateful.

3. Lessons In Love

I have loved love since I was a little girl. Blame that on watching one too many fairytales. I have evolved so much, and as I continue to learn and unlearn – my views on a lot of things continue to change.

I am 25, and, for the first time in what feels like a fairly long decade, single. I actually did not think I would ever be saying I am single in my life again, but here we are. I have been single for a month or so now. I have come to realise I have so much work to do on myself as an individual, so much so that I have decided to learn to be content in being alone, before I can re-engage, and be fully with another again.

Still, love is a beautiful thing, and I have no gutwrenching story of love lost. my most recent experience has been from friends, to lovers, to friends. My partner and I will continue to be best friends, and business partners. We are just not romantically involved right now. There’s still (and maybe always will be) a lot of love there, and I am so grateful I have been, and continue to be loved. I am just figuring out what my future will look like, and working on being a wholesome individual who, if I decide to love (romantically) again, can love wholly while still maintain the self.

4. Selfishness

An odd thing to be grateful for, but I am grateful for the opportunity to be selfish, and to choose me. I have detached myself from a lot things and a lot of people this year. I am learning to be selfish with who I give myself, and my time to. On the same, I know if I ever do have children, I will lose that privilege, so I am revelling in this moment.

6. Financial Stability

Financial stability is such a key thing in life. I know when I had just moved out my parents’ home, I went through a year of depression – and I did not even realise that most of that was attributed to the financial instability in my life. 20s can be such a mess – so in this moment I am grateful that I am able to do good work that manages to get my bills paid.

6. My Home

Have you seen this house? Seriously. This is my dream home – and I don’t mean this in comparison to anyone’s dreams besides my own. I spent most of my teen years watching Hannah Montana, and I used to LOVE the little home in that show. I remember dreaming about having a double-storey house, with an open kitchen and living area situation. It may not be the most flamboyant thing to most, but it is my dream home. I love it! I am grateful.

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7. Peace

I am grateful for peace. I have found peace. I am still unlocking new levels to that peace. I am grateful to have found it, and I am looking forward to an even more peaceful 2021.

All my love,


P.s. I discontinued the publication of my first book “By The End Of Your Teens”. Here is why.

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  1. It with a different gratitude I read this personal talk. I have looked at it from my inclination and I can say 2020 hasn’t been as horrible as some of the Earth’s dwellers have experienced it —and for that we’re grateful. Ntha, your optimism is something to savour. Inspiring.

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